How We Work?

We have years of experience in financial recovery.


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Set up a case by filling out our online form or speaking with one of our customer experience associates. This process normally takes less than a minutes. You will need basic information about the scheme you lost your assets to.


Talk To An Expert

After submitting the complaint, Our experts will revert to you as soon as possible and also discuss available options to help you get the solution you need.


Research & Planning

Upon complete review with the expert, Your case will then be assessed by our skilled Tech Team. With the use of the company resources, the Tech Team will operate to evaluate the case further.


Project Done!

With your approval, our skilled experts will set on recovering your stolen funds or solve your financial crisis, by making use of the resources available to them. Legacy Prism is at the forefront of technology research and development, and we offer unequaled success rates for the recovery operation.


We provide you with the best solution for any financial crisis, which may include:

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