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  • Met a girl through Tinder and proceed to Whatsapp. After chatting for a while, she asked if we wanted to do a video call to chat. I was bored so I agreed. shortly after the chat did get a bit flirty and then we proceed to get butt naked over the video call. shortly after she ended the call and said it was laggy, so she sent a link (DO NOT FALL FOR THIS) and said why not we chat at her private room. To login, is to put your number and the room number of hers. Stupidly I did it and shortly after she sent a video saying it got recorded and threaten to send it to my family and friends. the “manager” later called and threatened to send if I don’t transfer money to him now. I did not even have the time to react or to think. but luckily I managed to negotiate not to send the full amount. but still, money was still lost in the process. Can I be able to get it back?

  • I knew Justin (jwc) from facebook and he portrayed a luxurious life with strong forex trading. Taking a leap of faith, I opened a trading account and made money at first. He then asked me to pool the money with him as he is having too many customers and hard to do the trading 1 by 1.

    He also have some investors to transfer money to me and said that it can be held as a collateral and profit disbursement as his personal bank account is constantly maxed out with transactions daily. Things started to get ugly when he couldn’t give us back the weekly profit as promised. i then received a text saying that i may have transferred money to an account related to an investment scam which i made a police report promptly.

    His investors that transferred money to me also made police report against him but as the money was transferred to me before RELEASING to him, i’m now implicated and my bank account is frozen. i called up the investigation officer and was told that i’ll be called down for an investigation.

    I now live in anxiety as i have 2 young daughters and a wife to feed and this happened just because i trusted his forex investments. How can you help me

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  • She liked me on Facebook dating app and sent me her overseas number to add her via WhatsApp, while stating she is currently living in Singapore. I asked her why didn’t she use a local number and she said she had been using her HKG number even when she is in sg. One night she found out i was alone and asked me for video sex in a private virtual room saying that it will be fun to do it with a stranger. She also baited by saying that she would find someone else to do it if i wasn’t going to. I sensed some amiss so i reported and blocked her profile on Facebook dating, and came here to share my story so there won’t be the next unlucky victim of such cybersex extortion.

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  • I was chatting with a stranger who goes by the name of “Zhang Ivan”. He said that he was Singaporean, his job was as a doctor and he was a single father to 2 teenagers.

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  • Met a girl on tinder, seemed sincere after few text. invited me to watch her live stream. downloaded the app and had an error (red flag!). agreed to sext as compensation, after the deed, she demanded for 1000sgd as ransom and threatened to send the recorded video to my contact list hacked from the app provided. on denial and block, she released the footage to people in the contact list. the number used is +852 6716 2684. never allow yourself to be filmed. open up to a someone about the experience.

  • She liked me on Facebook dating app and sent me her overseas number to add her via WhatsApp, while stating she is currently living in Singapore. I asked her why didn’t she use a local number and she said she had been using her HKG number even when she is in sg. One night she found out i was alone and asked me for video sex in a private virtual room saying that it will be fun to do it with a stranger. She also baited by saying that she would find someone else to do it if i wasn’t going to. I sensed some amiss so i reported and blocked her profile on Facebook dating, and came here to share my story so there won’t be the next unlucky victim of such cybersex extortion.

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  • I first met this guy on CMB before moving on to text on telegram. I believed that he had a script well planned all along as everything was going smooth until he kept requesting for a voice call with me. Started talking about an ex-girlfriend of 4 years who left him because he was too busy with work. He kept sweet talking to me daily for a week then on and kept finding excuses to push back meetups (eg. Have other plans with friends, company is sending him overseas for a project which well last for 2-3weeks).

    He claimed to be working in a big gaming company in Singapore and seemed very knowledgeable about what the company does. The red flag came about when he called me to help him with talking a few pics of a HDB project he has been investing in. Told him to ask his close friends but he said that he trusted me. I then find it weird and cut him off after.

    Now that i look back, it seemed that all the images he had exchanged with me were either cropped photos or of low quality. No money was lost but i just want it to serve as a reminder for everyone who is using dating apps and beware of such catfishing and love scams. Stay alert at all times!

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  • Got to know this guy from Hinge by the name of Aiden. Conversation started normal then he will start introducing investing in cryptocurrency. He then gave you a link which linked you to this oriental wealth in mandarin and hkd. You are supposed to recharge fund via their recharge customer service team WhatsApp. The so-called customer service officer would give you random bank account to bank in the money. For the first investment it will be successful then this Aiden guy will ask you to invest more thereafter the link will not be accessible and you have to contact customer service which is another hk number. They will tell you that system under maintenance. After the system is up, this aiden guy will tell you that we missed the good timing to buy nodes and that we need to invest even more.

    Fast forward to next day when they say you can withdraw the money. Their cs will tell you to pay tax and then your account will be frozen due to suspicious transaction and whatnot. That may seem like a long story but all these will happen within a day or 2. Just wanna share my experience to all of you, when the guy you know from hinge, tinder …. Etc gets pushy and persistent on asking you to invest. Something is very wrong. And if you were to ask you to recharge funds into random local bank account. Something is very wrong too. Scam don’t just happen to elderly. It will happen to young people like us too. My case is still pending police investigation and i called the bank to report as fraud. Hopefully you guys can also find a solution for me.

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  • Îl cunoșteam pe Justin (jwc) de pe Facebook și el a descris o viață luxoasă cu tranzacții valutare puternice. Făcând un salt de credință, am deschis un cont de tranzacționare și am făcut bani la început. Apoi mi-a cerut să pun banii în comun cu el, deoarece are prea mulți clienți și este greu să facă tranzacțiile 1 câte 1.

    El are, de asemenea, niște investitori care să-mi transfere bani și a spus că pot fi păstrați ca garanție și ca plăți de profit, deoarece contul său bancar personal este în mod constant maximizat cu tranzacții zilnice. Lucrurile au început să devină urâte când nu ne-a putut returna profitul săptămânal așa cum am promis. Apoi am primit un mesaj în care se spunea că este posibil să fi transferat bani într-un cont legat de o înșelătorie de investiții pe care am făcut un raport de poliție cu promptitudine.

    Investitorii săi care mi-au transferat bani au făcut și un raport de poliție împotriva lui, dar deoarece banii mi-au fost transferați înainte de a-i Elibera, acum sunt implicat și contul meu bancar este înghețat. Am sunat ofițerul de anchetă și mi s-a spus că voi fi chemat pentru o anchetă.

    Acum trăiesc în anxietate, deoarece am 2 fiice mici și o soție de hrănit, iar acest lucru s-a întâmplat doar pentru că am avut încredere în investițiile lui în valută. Puteti face ceva in legatura cu situatia mea

  • I received a call from a strange number telling me that I won $1,000 dollars. This guy was persuaded me to give him money when I didn’t even join any lucky draw and I’m not even using postpaid for my sim card. I lost a lot of money because of this scam, can you help me trace the scammer and my money.

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  • Legacyprism service has been a great help to us over the years. If the customer is not insolvent then Tech Recovery will collect, and when they can’t get payment they call me to advise me whether or not legal action with their solicitor is likely to be worthwhile. This means that I dont have to worry about throwing good money after bad

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  • Help me Legacy prism, I wanted to take a loan of 10,000. They posed as s.e. Investments pte ltd (they’re not from there), which is a legitimate company under the mas registered list of moneylenders. Before they could “release” the loan to me, they said i needed to pay an active account charge, and another charge, which totals to 1,500 sgd each (3,000 sgd both). After paying both charges, they took an hour to forge a document that has an mas logo, saying that the money is held by mas and i needed to pay another 3,000 sgd for the release of the loan money. That’s when i realised they were never going to offer a loan at a decent interest rate. They also approved of the loan over Whatsapp. Loans will never be approved like that.

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    Anh ấy cũng có một số nhà đầu tư chuyển tiền cho tôi và nói rằng nó có thể được giữ như một tài sản thế chấp và giải ngân lợi nhuận vì tài khoản ngân hàng cá nhân của anh ấy liên tục được sử dụng tối đa với các giao dịch hàng ngày. Mọi thứ bắt đầu trở nên tồi tệ khi anh ấy không thể trả lại cho chúng tôi lợi nhuận hàng tuần như đã hứa. Sau đó, tôi nhận được một tin nhắn nói rằng tôi có thể đã chuyển tiền vào một tài khoản liên quan đến một vụ lừa đảo đầu tư và tôi đã báo cảnh sát ngay lập tức.

    Các nhà đầu tư của anh ta đã chuyển tiền cho tôi cũng đã khiến cảnh sát báo cáo chống lại anh ta nhưng vì tiền đã được chuyển cho tôi trước khi LIÊN QUAN ĐẾN anh ta, tôi bây giờ bị liên đới và tài khoản ngân hàng của tôi bị đóng băng. tôi đã gọi cho nhân viên điều tra và được thông báo rằng tôi sẽ được gọi xuống để điều tra.

    Bây giờ tôi sống trong lo lắng khi tôi có 2 cô con gái nhỏ và một người vợ để nuôi và điều này xảy ra chỉ vì tôi tin tưởng vào các khoản đầu tư ngoại hối của anh ấy. Các bạn có thể làm gì về tình hình của tôi được không

  • Special appreciation goes to my agent, for his encouragement to seek recovery of my hard-earned 74 BTC, and a big thank you to legacyprism for working perfectly to recover my Bitcoin.
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  • I first met this guy on CMB before moving on to text on telegram. I believed that he had a script well planned all along as everything was going smooth until he kept requesting for a voice call with me. Started talking about an ex-girlfriend of 4 years who left him because he was too busy with work. He kept sweet talking to me daily for a week then on and kept finding excuses to push back meetups (eg. Have other plans with friends, company is sending him overseas for a project which well last for 2-3weeks).

    He claimed to be working in a big gaming company in Singapore and seemed very knowledgeable about what the company does. I lost a lot of money and items to this scammer, what can I do to get everything back?

  • Under all circumstances, I have taken my time to write this testimony and show my utmost satisfaction with this awesome recovery team. Special thanks to everyone who partook in my recovery thanks legacyprism

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  • I got involved with someone that claimed to be a Bitcoin investment manager, it took me a while to believe her but i eventually did, i had a business that I’ve been running for years and had built up a tidy amount in my retirement savings. I’ve planned to to use the money to buy a mortgage-free bungalow for me and and my wife to live out the rest of our days and in a bid to top-up those savings i ventured into investing with her but she took out all my money and left me feeling vulnerable and distraught.

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    However, after that I’m being pulled into bigger bets of gambling by her due to the bonus offered by the gambling website (using Chinese valentine’s day as the promo excuse) and slowly fall into the trap as I couldn’t cash out my money in the online gambling website and they keep asking and threatening me to put more money (using rules violation and cash deposit as an excuse) in order to cash out from the online gambling website. they mention that all the cash deposit can be withdrawn with my money altogether in the gambling website but they never did so. I fell for the trap for the first and second time as I was manipulated by them of my fear (Fear of couldn’t take out the money from the gambling website) and greed (for the Chinese Valentine’s day bonus at the first time), and slowly I woke up when I realise that they will never return my money and I blocked all of them from being further manipulated by them. Pls can you find the scammers, I really want my money back

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  • Met this girl on Facebook dating, and she seemed really genuine. It was also my first time using Facebook data or any dating platforms. she suggested that we move to line and continued chatting there. it started getting flirty and she asked if I wanted to do a video call which I agreed to. She did something compromising on video and asked me to do likewise. She also asked me to download an app called private space whereby i had to key in my phone number and a referral code provided by her. i think this was how she managed to obtain my contact list. the next day the scammer threatened to send the video to everyone in my contact list if I did not pay $2000. I pay and am still looking for the scammer till date. Can the agency help my situation?

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    I suspect this is an organised group doing these catfishing to cheat money from people. i suspect it could either local or Malaysians or even mainland Chinese as their transaction is all on paynow and the names of the account are mostly Malay and chinese. I can provide every information required to start a case against these scammers.

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    And she guaranteed that in one week she would gain big profits. So, I agreed and brought bitcoin and transferred to the Kucoin address that she send me. After one week she showed me the profit as 116850 in total and I could withdraw all in 10 minutes and just give her 10% of the profit amount. So, I applied for the withdrawal in the trading account. Than came an email that i need to pay about 15k USD as broker commission.

    So, we had an argue on this. Than she told me she could help me with 12k and i pay 3k and in 10mins i will receive all the profit. After 2 to 3 days still i never receive the money. After that another email came, now they are asking another 2500usd, saying that the money has been transferred and now need to pay another 2500 call as reflection fees. I got very angry on this. I told ginny that this is never ending, no prior notice was given about all this payment. I told her i want my 3k back. Every time they say this will be the last payment, until now I never get back my $3k capital. I knew that I would never able to recover my money but I hope you guys can help me.

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  • Je remercie l’experte Mme vivian d’avoir toujours été communicative, et je remercie toute l’équipe de l’héritage pour sa participation active dans mon cas. Merci à tous, vous faites du bon travail les gars

  • J’écris ceci pour remercier toute l’équipe de l’entreprise, vous venez de mettre des sourires sur mon visage, je suis si heureux d’avoir récupéré l’argent. Vraiment, vous êtes les meilleurs, je ne vous remercierai jamais assez …

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